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The higher education community of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s second largest multidisciplinary higher education institution, places its faith in human potential and scientific knowledge. In this community of 35,000 people, leading specialists are addressing pressing global issues, inspired by the challenge of making changes in the world. The spearheads of our research and learning are technology, health and society.   

We are inviting applications for the position of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor (tenure track levels 1-2) in environmental policy. 

In the Faculty of Management and Business, we teach politics, business studies and administrative studies. Our research focuses on the areas of politics, business, administration, and industrial and information management. With 3,500 students and more than 300 staff members, our Faculty is a large academic community. The unique combination of disciplines is our strength, giving us the chance to offer new perspectives to the questions in the field. In the Faculty of Management and Business, our goal is to provide multidisciplinary and internationally high-level research and education. 

The Faculty consists of five Units, which are administrative studies, business studies, industrial engineering and management, information and knowledge management and politics. In our Faculty, we aim to grasp management and business in ways that cross the traditional disciplinary boundaries.
The administrative studies unit is the leading unit in research and education of administrative studies in Finland. Unit’s educational and research fields are public administration, public finances, public law as well as regional and environmental studies. Unit employs 15 professors and about 75 other academics, with approximately 160 master graduates and 10 doctoral graduates annually. 

Job description   
The appointee will carry out research as a member of the environmental policy research group (Ponte) hosted at the unit of administrative studies at the faculty of management and business. The group aims to find solutions for the most pressing global issues such as climate change, urbanisation, loss of biodiversity, and waste increase. Its research increases knowledge on the social essence of environmental issues and produces practical solutions to address specific environmental problems with an action research orientation. In the local context, sustainable solutions are created together with the dwellers living and working in cities. More information: 

The appointee will conduct environmental policy research within the profiling area of Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments (STUE). STUE research addresses the global challenge of proactively advancing sustainable transformation of urban environments. STUE develops innovative approaches to research policies, well-being and urban planning to transform cities into sustainable living environments. It also aims to support societies to achieve carbon neutral targets, adapt to global ecological limits, and to meet demographic and other social challenges in cities. More information:

The appointee will participate in teaching and its development at the degree programme of administrative studies. The teaching will be offered as part of the curricula of international degree programmes related to urban development and sustainable governance. The task will be tailored depending on recruit’s level of recruitment and individual agreement on the aims of tenure track.


 Assistant Professor   

 We require:   

  • Applicable doctoral degree;   
  • Ability to undertake independent scholarly activity and potential to pursue scholarly activity at a high international level of excellence;     
  • Teaching skills required to successfully perform the duties and functions of the position.   

Associate Professor   

 We require:   

  • Applicable doctoral degree;  
  • Track record of independent scholarly activity;   
  • Teaching skills required to successfully perform the duties and functions of the position;    
  • Ability to lead a research group and acquire external funding;   
  • Track record of international scholarly activity.     

We offer   

Initial appointment as an assistant professor and associate professor will be for five years. Subject to successful performance, you will become a tenured faculty member at the end of the first five-year period. You will be well supported throughout the five-year period to ease your transition to a tenured position. Full professors will hold a permanent appointment from the outset. Please read more about the tenure track career system at Tampere University. A trial period of six months applies to all our new employees.   

Salaries are based on the job demands and employees’ personal performance in accordance with the Finnish University Salary System. The starting salary range will be from €4,000 to €4,600/month for an assistant professor, from €4,600 to €5,300/month for an associate professor. A higher salary may be agreed upon based on the successful candidate’s experience and/or performance.    

 We offer you the opportunity to join our dynamic and innovative international community. As a member of staff at Tampere University, you will enjoy a range of competitive benefits, such as a flexible work schedule, good facilities for teleworking, a variety of affordable food and drink outlets across our campuses and a personal fund to spend on sports and cultural activities in your free time. Please read more about working at Tampere University.      

You can also find more information about us and working and living Tampere by watching our video: Tampere Higher Education Community - our academic playground    

Tampere, located between two big lakes, is Finland’s second largest city area and the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries. The nature is close everywhere you turn your head in Tampere. This, combined with a strong industrial tradition, make Tampere a unique environment for living and working. At present the region hosts a great deal of industry and service businesses, and the City of Tampere is a major hub for the Finnish ICT industry. For more information about Tampere, please see VisitTampere and BusinessTampere.   

Finland provides one of the most advanced and comprehensive social security in the world, including, for example, sickness benefits, various family benefits and a comprehensive healthcare system. For more information about Finland, please visit InfoFinland and This is Finland.   

How to apply  

Please submit your application through our online recruitment system. The closing date for applications is Monday June 21st  2021 (at 23.59 EEST, GMT+2 / 21.59 UTC).   

Please write your application and all accompanying documents in English and attach them in PDF format. Applications should include the following documents:   

  • Curriculum Vitae according to TENK guidelines;   
  • List of publications according to Academy of Finland guidelines. Please indicate your ten most important publications and include links to them. You can also combine the publications into a cloud file and add a link to the file to your list of publications;   
  • Teaching portfolio (according to Tampere University guidelines);    
  • A research plan (max. 4 pages) including your research vision in this field and a plan for your research for the next 5 years;   

Candidates may be invited for a video interview during the first stage of the recruitment process. The most qualified candidates will be invited for an personal interview and may undergo an aptitude assessment. They will also undergo a review by external experts and may be required to give a demonstration of their teaching skills.    

For more information, please contact:  

Dean Matti Sommarberg,
 With questions about the application process, please contact HR partner Salla Jortikka,


Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu muodostavat yhdessä Suomen toiseksi suurimman monitieteisen, innostavan ja vaikuttavan tutkimus- ja oppimisyhteisön. Korkeakouluyhteisömme osaamiskärjet ovat tekniikka, terveys ja yhteiskunta. Lue lisää:

Haemme   tenure track -tutkijaa tai tenure track-professoria (tenure track -urapolun tasot 1-2) Tehtävän alana on ympäristöpolitiikka. 

Johtamisen ja talouden tiedekunnassa Tampereen yliopistossa opetamme hallintotieteitä, kauppatieteitä ja politiikan tutkimusta ja tutkimme politiikkaa, taloutta, hallintoa, tietojohtamista ja tuotantotaloutta. Tiedekunnan muodostaa laaja-alainen tiedeyhteisö, johon kuuluu noin 3500 opiskelijaa ja yli 300 henkilökunnan edustajaa.

Tiedekuntamme koostuu viidestä yksiköstä, jotka ovat hallintotieteet, kauppatieteet, tuotantotalous, tietojohtaminen ja politiikan tutkimus. Vahvuutemme ja ainutlaatuisuutemme perustuu perinteistä laaja-alaisempaan johtamisen ja talouden samanaikaiseen tarkasteluun. Tämän merkitys korostuu ympäröivän maailman verkostoituessa ja samalla komplisoituessa. Johtamisen ja talouden tiedekunnassa työmme keskiössä on kansainvälisesti korkeatasoinen ja monitieteinen tutkimus ja opetus.

Tiedekunnassamme pyrimme etsimään totutut tieteenalarajat ylittäviä johtamisen ja talouden toimintamalleja sekä kouluttamaan nopeasti muuttuvan maailman dynamiikkaa ymmärtäviä johtajia ja asiantuntijoita. Opetamme ajattelemaan yhteiskunnan kehitystä hallinnon, liiketoiminnan, politiikan ja teknologian muodostamana kokonaisuutena.

Tehtävänkuvaus ja hakuohjeet

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Hakuaika tehtävään päättyy 21.6.2021 klo 23.59.

Application period starts: 2021-05-20 10:30Application period ends: 2021-06-21 23:59